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COVID Re-entry Plan

Ensuring the measures are in place to re-open safely

LifeHouse Church is committed to creating a safe environment for everyone who wants to attend a mid-week event or weekend service.

We plan to operate our services and events in a way that encourages the personal wellbeing for everyone, while maintaining the ability to worship God and connect with each other in a COVID Safe environment.  The LifeHouse COVID Safe plan adheres to the regulations and conditions for public meetings as stipulated by the Victorian Government.  The Host Team will operate as COVID Safe wardens at every service, ensuring the maximum numbers for each area does not exceed the guidelines as outlined in LifeHouse Church COVID Safe plan below.  The current regulations allow for 300 people per service in our church building. 

We appreciate your assistance in ensuring our church follow the guidelines, to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of every attendee.

The below steps have been compiled based on both Victorian government and ACC guidelines.

Join Us For Church!

We are looking forward to gathering together on-site for a 10:00am service.

If you’re unable to attend on-site, you can still join our services online.



We love meeting new people and want to make your time at LifeHouse a memorable one. From the moment you arrive, our hope is that you will meet some great people, drink great coffee in our café, and experience God’s presence through Christ centred worship and an inspiring message. We want you to leave feeling refreshed and empowered each week!

Fill out your details below and someone will contact you before the service you want to attend. We will meet you when you arrive at church, and help you to feel right at home.
If you have children and want to sign them into our exciting kid’s program called Kidsworld, our team will also arrange this for you.

We can’t wait to meet you!!





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