We care about the people in your world finding Jesus! So, we have created a day especially for them.

Our 10am and 5:30pm services THIS SUNDAY the 20th March are the perfect opportunity for you to invite a family member, that person from work or even your neighbour to experience church.We have family fun after our morning service, and a night market inspired evening service – food, rides, live music and much more!
We know you might have some questions about how you can invite someone, so we have prepared some answers below. We hope they help you to feel empowered and invite those in your world to Church.


"I'm thinking of inviting somebody, but I'm not sure how?"

Don’t worry, we’ve got you with these simple steps!

Pray! Pray for the people in your world, that Holy Spirit would prepare their hearts to receive an invitation.

Download the e-invites below and send them a message. Did you know that four in ten Australians (40 per cent) said they would go to church if invited by close friends and family?

Make a day of it! Meet them out the front, invite them to sit with you and encourage them to stay for the post-service entertainment.

That’s okay! Don’t take “no” personally and always invite with kindness. How you end the conversation will be how they remember your invite. So be kind, gracious, and understanding no matter the response.

A “no thanks” won’t negatively impact your life. But a “yes” could change someone’s life forever. So press through any fears of rejection and keep inviting! You’ll never get a “yes” if you never ask.

Great question! It’s super easy…

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Free Event | 11am-2pm | Saturday 26th November
Elmhurst Park (20 Elmhurst Road, Gladstone Park)