Stay Thirsty

Thank you for joining us for our online service! We pray that Ps Timothy Garisto’s message “Stay Thirsty” blesses you. Here are some quick links: LifeHouse App – I’ve decided to follow Jesus – New to LifeHouse? Connect here! – Prayer + Care – Giving – LifeHouse Church is not […]

Calm My Anxious Mind

anxiety, anxious, calm my anxious mind

Awareness about anxiety has grown rapidly in recent times. The signs and symptoms, as well as the causes and cures are the topic of many books and blogs. We are beginning to know much more about mental health, neurological divergence, and nervous disorders. Sometimes anxiety is prompted by a chemical imbalance in the brain and […]

Free Event | 11am-2pm | Saturday 26th November
Elmhurst Park (20 Elmhurst Road, Gladstone Park)