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Taking Hold Of Your Dream

This week, Ps David Doery shared with us a timely word that reminded us that God is in the business of dreams.

Although, for many of us this season has felt as if we are living in a real life nightmare – a bad episode of black mirror on replay, or a rerun of Groundhog day. Despite this, Ps David reminds us that sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better, and points us towards the apt story of Elijah in the Bible.

This story reminds us that keeping your dreams alive, by fanning the flame of your faith and holding true to the promises of God are the very things that keep us going during tough times. God’s promises are firm and unshakeable and He wants to see our dreams fulfilled, despite the circumstances we might find ourselves in. If we continue to press into God, hunger for his presence, and work hard, we can really do it all.

We encourage you to learn into this message, and pray that it inspires you to dream and draw near to God in this season.

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