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Guilt of Sin is Gone

Easter 2023 |

Richard Kobakian

Thank you for joining us for our online service. God has called LifeHouse to be a large Jesus-centred Church, full of grace and truth, reaching and equipping all generations around the world!

This Good Friday message, Ps Richard Kobakian reminds us of the significance of what Jesus did for us. Guilt can be destructive while it has a job to do, and Jesus came to pay the price for our sins to allow us to be forgiven and rid of our guilt. Even though Satan is the one who has the right to record our wrongdoings, Jesus canceled the record of charges against us by nailing it to the cross, giving us His righteousness in exchange. Ps Richard encourages us to move forward with our lives, resist the devil, and confess our sins to receive forgiveness through Jesus.

We pray that Ps Richard Kobakian’s message “Guilt of Sin is Gone” blesses you and that you have a sense of community and connection.

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