Sweat The Small Things: Relationship Series

Watch the full Sunday service or listen to the amazing message titled ‘Sweat The Small Things’ by Pastor Richard Kobakian. Be encouraged as you listen to this inspiring message!

The Determining Factor: Relationship Series

friendship, richard kobakian, the determining factor

Sunday has rolled around again, and we have been excitedly awaiting the second instalment of our annual ‘Relationship Series’. This week our Senior Pastor, Richard Kobakian spoke about the ‘The Determining Factor’. Ps Richard explains that friendship is the highest form of relationship because friends are a choice. We don’t get to choose our family, parents, siblings, or in-laws; but we […]

The Danger Of Anger: Relationship Series

the danger of anger

This week our Senior Pastor, Richard Kobakian, continued our annual Relationship Series with ‘The Danger of Anger‘. The topic of relationships is very dear to Ps Richard’s heart. In fact, he’s just published a book called ‘Sixty Second to Save Your Relationship’, which aims to provide quick and easy advice to achieve to flourishing relationships. […]

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Elmhurst Park (20 Elmhurst Road, Gladstone Park)