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The Determining Factor: Relationship Series

Sunday has rolled around again, and we have been excitedly awaiting the second instalment of our annual ‘Relationship Series’. This week our Senior Pastor, Richard Kobakian spoke about the ‘The Determining Factor’.

Ps Richard explains that friendship is the highest form of relationship because friends are a choice. We don’t get to choose our family, parents, siblings, or in-laws; but we do get to choose our friends. In fact, the highest compliment God gives is to call you his ’friend’.  We see this with Moses’ relationship with God, and with Jesus’ disciples.

Friendship is a high commodity.


When it comes to building a successful marriage, friendship is of utmost importance. We learnt throughout this message that the goal isn’t to have a ‘great marriage’ but to have a ‘great friendship’. In this, we also see that when you take away the notion that your partner is someone you are contracted to, and actually refer to them as your friend; that relationship becomes stronger.

So, how can we achieve this ‘friendship’ within a marriage or in our relationships? The secret is to do the things that friends do – like spending quality time together and sharing life experiences together. For this reason friendship with the opposite sex, can very quickly turn into romance very quick smart. Once romance comes into play we must remember that friends are honest with each other, friends dream together, friends embrace each other’s dreams and friends cherish each other.

Ultimately, being friends is the best remedy for a lasting relationship. It is something God prizes highly; and we should also. We hope that you find solace in knowing that by putting your friendship first, all of your relationships will flourish.

We pray and encourage you to lean in as always and receive all this message has to give. We’re looking forward to all the praise-reports about the flourishing friendships within our congregation.


You can purchase Ps Richards book ‘Sixty Second to Save Your Relationship’ by visiting https://sixtysecondsbook.com.au



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Waymaker - Michael W. Smith

Canvas And The Clay - Pat Barrett



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