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The Danger Of Anger: Relationship Series

Relationship Series |

Richard Kobakian

This week our Senior Pastor, Richard Kobakian, continued our annual Relationship Series with ‘The Danger of Anger‘.

The topic of relationships is very dear to Ps Richard’s heart. In fact, he’s just published a book called ‘Sixty Second to Save Your Relationship’, which aims to provide quick and easy advice to achieve to flourishing relationships.

This week’s message focused on ‘The Danger of Anger’ and how we can overcome this in our own lives, to ensure it doesn’t stand in the way of the love we share with those closest to us.

The good news is, we, you and me; can control this with help from God who has a righteous life for planned you. Anger speaks to you being out of control — but God is in control, and you can be the master of your own anger.

We encourage you to lean in, and take away some relationship saving advice.

Remember, we aren’t meant to do life alone, in-fact life is more full and rewarding together. We can’t wait to hear testimonies of breakthrough from this message, and how it shapes your future relationships.

You can purchase Ps Richards book ‘Sixty Second to Save Your Relationship’ by visiting


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