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The Thrill of Hope

Thrill of Hope |

Richard Kobakian

This year, we have prepared an online Christmas event for you to share with those in your world. Rather than gathering in the church building, you can watch the experience over the weekend as we explore the heart-warming message of hope found through Jesus. Gather people from your family, community or work for a brunch, lunch or dinner to celebrate the joy, peace and hope found in Christmas.

The Thrill of Hope will run for an hour and includes creative items, fun moments, short testimony inspirations and a jampacked message from Ps Richard Kobakian that will impact the people in your world who have never been to church. It has been carefully designed for you to watch with others in the comfort of your lounge room.

Regardless of what 2020 has been for you, there is hope. This year has made people question their identity and purpose like never before. There is a deep hunger for answers around questions of our eternal value and significance. We wanted to make the most of the unique opportunity that 2020 has given us to bring Christmas into your home and share hope with those around you.

However you choose to experience The Thrill of Hope LifeHouse Christmas Event; we pray it would be a blessing and vehicle for life-change and revelation.



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Free Event | 11am-2pm | Saturday 26th November
Elmhurst Park (20 Elmhurst Road, Gladstone Park)